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Schuette shows strength in Nassar Prosecution

Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison in two state cases for criminal sexual conduct. That will be served after a 60-year federal prison sentence for child pornography. Schuette said he had made the decision allowing all the victims, not just those named in the suit, to …

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Thank you “good and faithful servant.” Joe Knollenberg 1933-2018

WASHINGTON – Former U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Bloomfield Township, a conservative lawmaker who represented Michigan on the House Appropriations Committee and was a staunch defender of Michigan businesses, died Tuesday after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 84. Read more about his life from the Detroit Free Press by clicking …

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Pensler challenged on his stances on socialized medicine and abortion.

“Michigan voters want a real conservative outsider. Not liberal Sandy Pensler who is pro-choice and pro-government funded health care,” James’ campaign manager Tori Sachs said in response to Pensler’s ad. “In Pensler’s last run for office, Pensler spent mountains of money running as a pro-choice, pro-government funded health care liberal …

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