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More Michigan at CPAC and Schuette up BIG in latest Poll…READ MORE

CPAC – Michigan had lots of face time at CPAC this past week as we posted on Friday.   But more Michigan faces showed up like Ronna Romney McDaniel, Grant Strobl and Attorney General Bill Schuette over the weekend. (click on names for pics)

Previously we showed clips from U.S. Senate candidate John James, Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.  Click HERE.


GOP GOV RACE – Also, the latest polls in the Governor’s race for the Republicans show Attorney General Bill Schuette up 42% to 15% over Lt. Gove Brian Calley with Senator Patrick Colbeck at 5% and Businessman Jim Hines at 2%.


The 800-voter survey taken Feb. 10-13 by Neil NEWHOUSE and Robert BLIZZARD‘s Public Opinion Strategies (POS) has Schuette leading across every key demographic and geographic group.

He leads Calley by 34 points among very conservative voters and by 32 points among GOP voters, who view the President favorably. Schuette leads Calley across all of the state’s media markets, including by 32 points among voters in the Detroit media market, according to POS’ briefing memo.

The survey showed that Schuette is up 55 to 22 percent over Calley among voters who have a favorable impression of both candidates.

“Bill Schuette is the clear frontrunner in the GOP primary for Governor and has the support of President Donald TRUMP — the most popular Republican figure in the country — and Vice President Mike PENCE,” the POS memo reads.

MIRS also has learned that as recently as Thursday, Calley’s internal numbers had him down 25 to 15 percent to Schuette. Colbeck is at 8 percent and gaining while Hines is staying at 2 percent.

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