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BAD AD DAY: Calley and Whitmer find themselves in hot water over latest ads

It was a bad day for a couple people who want to be Michigan’s next Governor.  First, early this morning Bridge Magazine published an article called, “Truth Squad: Brian Calley unjustly claims credit for Michigan recovery.”  In the article, Bridge takes the Lt. Governor to task for his claims that “he redefined the role of Lt. Governor and behind tax cuts and other measures.”  The article goes on to say:

“In 2011, the newly elected Snyder fulfilled a campaign promise and signed legislation to replace the unpopular Michigan Business Tax with a flat 6 percent corporate tax, a $1.7 billion tax cut for business.  Calley cast the tie-breaking vote in favor.  The ad doesn’t mention that, as a state representative, Calley voted for the MBT in 2007.  In fact, he was among lawmakers who helped write the tax and stood a few feet to the right of Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm at the bill-signing ceremony.”

You can read the article here.

Then, later this afternoon, veteran political report Chad Livengood from Crains Detroit Business took to Twitter.

“.‘s ad inside Mich. Senate chamber got me wondering about how she was able to film on Senate floor. Her campaign says they got permission from Capitol facilities office and a sergeant let her on the floor.  Senate secretary Jeff Cobb tells me they didn’t ask him.”

Later, he followed it up with, “She did not ask permission to film on the Senate floor. I found out afterwards. Filming in the rotunda and other public parts of the building is allowed,” said Senate Secretary Jeff Cobb, a GOP majority appointee.”

You can see the post thread here.

Tough day for ad makers and the gubernatorial candidates that authorized them.

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