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ICYMI: Big Endorsements and Polling in Race for MI Governor

In case you missed it, Michigan’s GOP race for Governor had some significant action recently with several of the candidates announcing what they felt to be significant endorsements.  Additionally, updated polling was released showing where each of the candidates stand with the electorate with only 4 months and change until the Primary Election.

Bill Schuette – The Schuette camp touted the endorsements of the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  These are two pretty significant endorsements this early in the Primary season.  Both associations bring volunteers, money and cache for a candidate preparing for the final push toward election day.

Brian Calley – Calley held a news conference and accepted the endorsement of Governor Rick Snyder.  Snyder seemed to play on the theme of “why change when you’ve got a good thing going.”  While this endorsement was panned (and expected) in many corners of the GOP constituency, Calley’s campaign seemed to be pretty excited about it and pushed it hard for a few days.

Patrick Colbeck – Colbeck recently issued a release showing his endorsement of Dr. Levon Yuille, Pastor of Bible Church in Ypsilanti and National Director of the National Black Pro-Life Congress.  He and his supporters have also been really pushing the Ted Cruz/Rafael Cruz angle with Cruz’s Dad coming into Michigan recently to stump with Colbeck.



Depending on who you listen to – Attorney General Bill Schuette holds anywhere from a 29 point to a 16 point lead over the field of competitors.


MRG Poll:  Bill SCHUETTE came in at 29 percent, with Brian CALLEY trailing at 13 percent, and Patrick COLBECK and Jim HINES both registering 2 percent each. There’s still 54 percent who chose other, undecided or don’t know.

The MRG poll, which was not paid for or sponsored by outside third parties, was conducted of 600 likely Michigan voters between March 13 and 17, with 30 percent coming from cell phones and a 4 percent margin of error. The sample size of GOP primary voters was 195, while for Democrat primary voters it was 233.

Shields said the Attorney General is leading Calley “in every area of the state” and is doing well with key GOP primary groups, like those who are “very conservative,” with a 41 to 12 percent lead over Calley, as well as seniors, who have Schuette at 41 percent and Calley at 14 percent.

In comparison, a poll conducted earlier this month of the GOP primary by Mitchell Research and Communications had Schuette at a 29-point lead over Calley among likely GOP primary voters in a head-to-head matchup, with the AG coming in at 41 percent to the Lieutenant Governor’s 12 percent.

That poll was conducted March 5-6. The survey was of 400 likely GOP primary voters. It was an operator-assisted poll to both landlines and cell phones. The survey has a margin of error of 5 percent.

Steve MITCHELL said, “The Attorney General’s lead is a factor of name identification; 42 percent more of the voters are aware of who Schuette is than are aware of who Calley is, and twice as many have a favorable impress of Schuette (60 percent) than of Calley (29 percent).”

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