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ICYMI: Brian Calley’s Clean Michigan Government Initiative Dead for 2018 – No Part-Time Legislature Initiative Headed to Ballot

In case you missed it, on Wednesday it was announced the Clean Michigan Government initiative will not have the needed signatures necessary to make the ballot in 2018.  You’ll remember, last May, Calley touted a big coming announcement – which many thought may have been his run for Governor.  Instead, he unveiled an initiative to bring a part-time legislature to Michigan.  However, the entire effort was plagued with problems from the start.  Questions with the wording of the petition, how the signatures were gathered and the discovery that the signature-gathering firm hired by Calley was led by an election fraud felon.



“Calley started the part-time legislature drive in May 2017, but the campaign ran into roadblocks early with questions over its petition. (See “Canvasser Brings Up New Concern Over PTL Petition,” 6/20/17.) 

Less than two months after the announcement of the campaign, Calley submitted new language for the petition, effectively starting the whole thing over. (See “Calley Eyeing July 10 To Start With New Language,” 7/5/17.) 

Besides critiques over the legality of the language and the concept of moving to a part-time legislature, there were other issues too, like CMG’s signature-gathering firm being led by a election fraud felon. (See “Clean MI Govt Signature Firm Headed By Election Fraud Felon,” 7/26/17.) 

Nevertheless, the campaign had a large amount of money at its disposal, primarily coming from a nonprofit that doesn’t disclose its donors. Its most recent report showed more than $1.6 million was raised and $1.2 million spent on the campaign at that point. (See “Clean MI Govt; Prevailing Wage Repeal; Pot Legalization Raise $1M+” 1/31/18.)”

The story goes on to say that the new leaders of the initiative will try again in the future – with more attention to detail over the legality of the language and more responsible management of the overall effort.


“Either way, Kammeraad didn’t see this drive as a failed effort, but rather the next building block in elevating the part-time legislature issue. 

“The state of Michigan, the people themselves, really don’t see the value in this,” Kammeraad said. “Not up until the point where their taxes are being hiked or they’re getting fees knocked against them.” 

He said it was going to take several attempts to get the measure across the finish line. 

“I like to think of it as a building a house. Can’t live in it yet, because we don’t have the interior in it,” Kammeraad said. “The next one, we’ll put the interior in it.” 

Patrick ANDERSON, founder of Anderson Economic Group, said a regroup would help. 

“This re-grouping will hopefully allow the organizers to put together a proposal without serious constitutional issues,” he added. 

Recall in June of last year, Anderson sent the Board of Canvassers a letter noting that the changes CMG would make would essentially allow the governor to avoid a veto over-ride by the legislature – a power granted the body under the state’s 1965 Constitution. (See “Bits and Tidbits,” 06/17/2017.)”

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