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ICYMI: Meet Michigan’s newest Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Clement

Although she was appointed last November as the 113th Justice of Michigan’s Supreme Court, Justice Elizabeth T. Clement was officially sworn in last week becoming the 11th woman to sit on the bench.  She replaces Justice Joan Larsen who was recently appointed United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.   Cut from the same mold as Larsen, Justice Clement brings an impressive history of service to the state of Michigan in all the branches of state government and is considered to be a Justice who will interpret the law.  She knows it is not her job to legislate from the bench.

So, if you like your judges to respect the Constitution and serve in a constructionist rather than activist manner – you’re going to be pretty happy.  Justice Clement is a rule of law judge who firmly believes in “equal justice under law.” She faithfully interprets the law and dispenses fair and impartial justice. Justice Clement respects the separation of powers and understands that the role of the judiciary is limited to interpreting and applying the Constitution and laws as written.

According to her, “Judges and justices should be impartial, objective and independent. Ever person that interacts with the justice system deserves judges that are respectful, listen to all sides, and make thoughtful decisions based on the law and not personal opinion or beliefs.”

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