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Michigan Dem Convention Taken Over by Progressive Wing

Sometimes you have to read between the lines.  Or rearrange the lines to see the real story.  That’s the case in Sunday’s  Detroit Free Press regarding the 2018 Michigan Democratic convention.  In short, there’s been a major shift in the Democratic Party…one that must not be ignored.  From the article, Sunday’s big fight came over the race for Attorney General. “The race became a proxy for the fight between the traditional power brokers of the party – organized labor and African American constituencies – and the far left wing of the party.”

The far left wing of the Party won.

The article begins by saying, “In a unprecedented blow to organized labor, Plymouth attorney Dana Nessel won the endorsement for her bid for state attorney general from Democrats at a day-long convention Sunday.

She overcame a nearly unified group of organized labor, led by the United Auto Workers, that had endorsed former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Pat Miles of Grand Rapids.

But Nessel had forged a coalition of progressive activists, marijuana supporters and Democrats energized to join the party after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016.”

It continues, “The vote marked the end of dominance of Democratic Party politics by the UAW, which for decades had been the deciding factor for candidates seeking the union’s endorsement. With dwindling union numbers – which have declined by 2.9 million members since the mid 1980s – the endorsement of the UAW or AFL-CIO isn’t as consequential as it once was.”

And now it looks like identity politics is back in Michigan.  Nessel is touting the fact that she would be Michigan’s first statewide elected openly gay politician – and the fact that she’s a woman.

But there’s also the lack of an african-american at the top of the ticket for the Democrats this time around.

The Detroit News picked up on that and wrote, “Nessel’s nomination could also leave Democrats without an African-American in a policy-making position at the top of the November ticket, although many expect gubernatorial frontrunner Gretchen Whitmer to pick a person of color as her running mate.

That could depress turnout in cities like Detroit with a large African-American base, said Jonathan Kinloch, a Miles supporter and chairman of the 13th Congressional District.

“It’s not to say this isn’t a ticket that can win, but it’s going to be a ticket that’s going to be tough to sell to some of the folks in my neck of the woods, he said.”

Which brings us to the race for Governor.  The primary for the Dems could get really interesting seeing the fallout from Sunday.  From the Free Press:

“At the Progressive Caucus, which has endorsed Nessel and former Detroit Health Department Director Abdul El-Sayed for Governor, retired Ann Arbor businessman Shri Thanedar tried to talk to the group. And even though he bills himself as the most progressive candidate in the race for Governor, he was refused the chance to speak and escorted out of the room amid chants from the caucus of “Abdul, Abdul!”

The labor caucus officially endorsed Miles and Whitmer, with United Auto Workers president Dennis Williams proclaiming that the labor movement has been at the forefront of the progressive movement for decades.”

Progressives endorsed Nessel and El-Sayed.  In the convention, they won with Nessel.  In the Primary, we’ll see if they can carry El-Sayed to victory over Whitmer.

Either way – it’s not a stretch to say this ticket may be the most liberal slanted slate for the Democrats in Michigan’s history.


Stay tuned.


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