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One is Officially in for US Senate! John James FIRST to turn in petitions for 2018.

Anyone knows that a candidate can talk all they want.  But you’re not officially a candidate until you’re on the ballot.  And, collecting 23,000 signatures is no easy feat.

But, U.S. Senate candidate John James did just that and turned them into the Secretary of State on Thursday.  Apparently taking a jab at his opponent, Sandy Penseler, James had this to say outside the Secretary of State’s office in Lansing to MLIVE, “This seat will not be bought – it must be earned,” he said. “I’m willing to put the work in to go out and fight hard.”

Pensler has recently come under fire for dumping millions of his own money into the race to re-establish his bonafides as a Republican and a conservative.  Previously, Pensler had run for Congress in Livingston County where he was dubbed “Pro-Choice Pensler” by political columnist Bill Ballenger.  He also expressed his support for government funded healthcare.  Both ideals which could sink him in any run for political office as a Republican in the current environment.

Conversely, MLIVE writes “James is a 2004 graduate of West Point and served as a U.S. Army captain who served during the Iraq War, leading two platoons of Apache helicopters.”

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