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Calley Campaign Accused of ‘Significant Evidence of Forgery’ on Gubernatorial Petitions

Today, in a letter directed to the Michigan Secretary of State and Board of Canvassers, an investigation was requested into Brian Calley’s petitions that he turned in when filing for Governor.

In the letter, the group requesting the investigation – the Better Jobs Stronger Families PAC – stated:

“Cursory review revealed apparent irregularities so Better Jobs Stronger Families, as part of our commitment to election integrity in Michigan, hired forensics expert Erich Speckin to review just a small sample of submitted Calley petitions.  Attached is an affidavit from Mr. Speckin where he conducted a “thorough examination” of select petitions and “found significant evidence of … forgery.” Mr. Speckin focused on two Calley circulators, Ashley Wefel and Fairrest Long, who submitted over 100 petitions for Calley for Governor.  Mr. Speckin’s report indicates that there is strong evidence that these petitions were forged.

Mr. Speckin’s illustrious resume is attached and he has previously been retained by the Michigan Board of Canvassers, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, and has conducted forensic examinations in 37 states.

Better Jobs Stronger Families is deeply disturbed by this potential illicit activity by Brian Calley’s campaign.   We call on the Bureau of Elections to investigate Mr. Calley, who personally submitted these petitions, the petition company responsible for circulation and anyone involved in the oversight of this process.   We believe this warrants a full investigation of all Mr. Calley’s petitions for other potential illegal activity.”

To read the entirity of the letter, click here.

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