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The Tuesday Minute: John James with another endorsement and the Governor race heats back up

U.S. Senate Race

The John James campaign has been busy posting their latest endorsement of the Susan B. Anthony List – solidifying James conservative position in the race for the U.S. Senate.  This brings James tally to three pro-life organizations.  James was previously endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan and National Right to Life.  The Susan B. Anthony list explains itself as “The Susan B. Anthony List team fights for the election of women and men who will fight for life.”  James also was seen on the door-to-door path with State Rep. Tom Barrett in a video posted.

Governor Race

While it may seem like Michigan’s gubernatorial race has been quiet lately, it’s been heating back up over the weekend and into Monday.  A fresh round of attacks from each of the camps have been all over Facebook and Twitter recently.

Schuette –  Supporters of Schuette are reminding voters that Calley’s lone job as Lieutenant Governor is to preside over the Senate, which he didn’t do when he was getting a Harvard degree and has also been absent of while running for Governor.  Translation:  “You had one job” and he didn’t do it.  They are also taking swipes at Calley for saying that Medicaid Expansion (Obamacare) “was a major priority for the administration” when it was being discussed five years ago.  Translation:  conservatives didn’t support Obamacare or Medicaid expansion.  Calley did.

Calley –  Calley’s folks are now doubling down on Schuette prosecuting cases in Michigan.  First criticism from the Calley camp is that Schuette charged too many and politicized the Flint water crisis and second is that Calley was the one who stood with the Larry Nassar victims – not Schuette.  Both are tough cases to make because they are opinion – not fact.  Calley tried to make Flint water his personal project but was still lambasted by local residents for the administration’s handling of the situation – and they still want prosecutions and justice.  Might be a usable charge in a crowded primary – but the Left will beat him over the head with it in a general.  In the Nassar case, Calley is tying himself to the victims for the reform package that was passed but the AG appointed a special prosecutor long before the reform package was passed.  Tough ground for Calley but he’s effectively making the case of continuing Michigan’s comeback to those who support what the Snyder administration has done.

Colbeck – Colbeck’s folks are simply trying to make the case he’s able to win.  They’re focused on the undecided vote and that while Colbeck’s polling numbers have consistently been in the single digits – they contend that’s not representative of the amount of support he has.

Hines – Hines camp has jumped into the messaging game with a recent video which depicts Schuette and Calley as career politicians and that Hines real world experience is actually more important than the other candidates’ political experience.


Check back for more wrap-ups from the Michigan Conservative coming soon.

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