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U.S. Senate Debate Wrap-Up (WATCH THE DEBATE HERE) and John James Releases New Ad

Response on social media was fast and swift this morning following the U.S. Senate debate on Off the Record this morning.  Many observers felt John James scored a big win, looked more authentic and comfortable and had a better command of the issues while some Pensler supporters felt emboldened by his performance, as well.  During the 45 minute debate, the candidates sparred on the issues and lobbed charge after charge at each other.  Pensler seemed aggravated, at points, this morning while pulling out a folder of documents to make his case for his own candidacy.  We urge our readers to watch the debate for yourself and make up your own mind by clicking on the link below.

From one Genesee County resident, “From my humble perspective, from the battle here in the trenches of Genesee County, John James knocked it out of the park with this debate this morning. His poise, character and strong values, answers regarding unions, kneeling for national anthem and trading votes were homeruns! His voice wasn’t crackling and did not hesitate when answering. Great job Mr James!”

From another poster, ” John James was the professional and more in command of the facts. There is absolutely no way that Pensler would win a debate against Stabenow. He comes across as condescending and arrogant. John James comes across as a sincere and honest man with the energy and enthusiasm behind him to take Stabenow to the cleaners. #LetsFlyMI #BeatStabenow

Watch the Debate by clicking on this link.  Advance the video to 22min and 30seconds to watch for yourself.

Also, John James also released a new ad yesterday called flight suit.

You can view the ad here:



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