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OUR CHOICE: John James for U.S. Senate

From his business and military experience to his sound conservative principles to him possessing a clear grasp of the issues we face as a state and a country, we feel JOHN JAMES is the right choice for the Michigan United States Senate Republican primary.

While Sandy Pensler may have self-funded his largely ad-driven candidacy, John James has been out with the grassroots, meeting precinct delegates and everyday Republicans to hear what they feel are the issues we face in Michigan today.  We think it’s this type of representation that is desperately needed in a U.S. Senate candidate and will be sorely needed to defeat Democrat Debbie Stabenow in November.  Additionally, James has focused mainly on his own positive message except in returning the volley of the Pensler negative advertising which began in earnest in late June when James began to surge in the polls.  Pensler’s most recent ad hitting James is so out of bounds – we think it is just best to say that and no more.  Fail.

Therefore, in the Michigan Republican primary for the United States Senate, we feel JOHN JAMES is the conservative choice and should be the Republican nominee to face Stabenow in November.  Defeating an incumbent is a Herculean effort – and it’s going to require the type of grassroots army and organic support James has built over the last year.  Republicans unite and get ready for a vicious fight for the U.S. Senate seat in November.  We need a conservative in that seat.  We need to defeat Stabenow.  We need John James.

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