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Sparks Fly Over Placing Anti-Prevailing Wage Measure on the Ballot – Group to Proceed to Court of Appeals

Yesterday, the Board of State Canvassers (BSC) deadlocked on party lines on approving the prevailing wage repeal ballot initiative.  There are two Republicans and two Democrats on the Board.  The two Republicans went with the recommendation from the Secretary of State to place it on the ballot.  The two Dems …

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“Do you know what you all just did? You just came in here with a solution.” A great story on Rep. Mike Bishop

FROM THE LIVINGSTON POST – What does it take to change the world? This.  This is what it takes to change the world. This is the story of a remarkable group of middle-school students from a small Montessori charter school in Pinckney who witnessed history and then took a step …

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