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Radio Host Announces in the 101st…U.S. Senate Candidate John James in Macomb County on Thurs.

101st House District Looks like things are OK for the House GOP in the 101st.  The 101st district, which includes Mason, Manistee, Benzie, and Leelanau counties, is currently represented by Rep. Curt VanderWall.  Recently, VanderWall announced his intention to run for the Michigan 35th State Senate seat instead of seeking re-election …

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More Michigan at CPAC and Schuette up BIG in latest Poll…READ MORE

CPAC – Michigan had lots of face time at CPAC this past week as we posted on Friday.   But more Michigan faces showed up like Ronna Romney McDaniel, Grant Strobl and Attorney General Bill Schuette over the weekend. (click on names for pics) Previously we showed clips from U.S. Senate candidate …

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Escanaba in ‘da Tax Fight – Colbeck Blisters Calley at Latest Townhall Over Taxes

Sen. Patrick Colbeck took the gloves off and pounded Brian Calley at the latest town hall in Escanaba.  When asked about taxes, Calley tried to say he was a tax cutter.  Well, Colbeck wasn’t having any of it. Calley answered “While it hasn’t been the income tax rate itself that …

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Another one bites the dust! Yet ANOTHER Campaign Manager OUT from Whitmer Campaign

More staff shake up for Gretchen Whitmer, the likely Democratic nominee for Governor.  But at this rate, who knows?  Maybe it’s more likely Shri-whoever-he-is could beat the former Minority Leader.  All the we DO know is that Gretchen Whitmer has managed to have more senior staff in and out within …

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Pensler challenged on his stances on socialized medicine and abortion.

“Michigan voters want a real conservative outsider. Not liberal Sandy Pensler who is pro-choice and pro-government funded health care,” James’ campaign manager Tori Sachs said in response to Pensler’s ad. “In Pensler’s last run for office, Pensler spent mountains of money running as a pro-choice, pro-government funded health care liberal …

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Bob Young Endorses John James for U.S. Senate

This is big news.  Looks as if people are rallying around John James for U.S. Senate for the Republican nomination to take on Debbie Stabenow. Former Conservative Supreme Court Justice Bob Young was formerly in the U.S. Senate race.  However, he recently dropped out which effectively left the battle for …

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