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One is Officially in for US Senate! John James FIRST to turn in petitions for 2018.

Anyone knows that a candidate can talk all they want.  But you’re not officially a candidate until you’re on the ballot.  And, collecting 23,000 signatures is no easy feat. But, U.S. Senate candidate John James did just that and turned them into the Secretary of State on Thursday.  Apparently taking …

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ICYMI: Big Endorsements and Polling in Race for MI Governor

In case you missed it, Michigan’s GOP race for Governor had some significant action recently with several of the candidates announcing what they felt to be significant endorsements.  Additionally, updated polling was released showing where each of the candidates stand with the electorate with only 4 months and change until …

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More Michigan at CPAC and Schuette up BIG in latest Poll…READ MORE

CPAC – Michigan had lots of face time at CPAC this past week as we posted on Friday.   But more Michigan faces showed up like Ronna Romney McDaniel, Grant Strobl and Attorney General Bill Schuette over the weekend. (click on names for pics) Previously we showed clips from U.S. Senate candidate …

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Escanaba in ‘da Tax Fight – Colbeck Blisters Calley at Latest Townhall Over Taxes

Sen. Patrick Colbeck took the gloves off and pounded Brian Calley at the latest town hall in Escanaba.  When asked about taxes, Calley tried to say he was a tax cutter.  Well, Colbeck wasn’t having any of it. Calley answered “While it hasn’t been the income tax rate itself that …

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Bob Young Endorses John James for U.S. Senate

This is big news.  Looks as if people are rallying around John James for U.S. Senate for the Republican nomination to take on Debbie Stabenow. Former Conservative Supreme Court Justice Bob Young was formerly in the U.S. Senate race.  However, he recently dropped out which effectively left the battle for …

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45th Anniversary of Roe v Wade – It’s Still About Saving Lives of the Kids

As another generation moves into the assimilation of living in a world with Roe v. Wade, the battle over abortion continues.  But even as more and more public acceptance comes toward restrictions on abortion – the abolition of partial birth abortion, ending 3rd trimester abortion and 2nd trimester abortion…the ultimate …

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