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OUR CHOICE: Rocky Raczkowski for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District

The 11th Congressional District Republican Primary is one of the hottest primaries in southeast Michigan that people are watching to see who will get through to the general election in November.  Most pundits believe it’s a two horse race between Lena Epstein and Rocky Raczkowski. Questions continue online about the …

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The Sandy Pensler Problem – You can’t run from your record…or your own words [with VIDEO]

The Republican primary for U.S. Senate has certainly amped up over the last two weeks but the Pensler campaign seems to have a big problem – the candidate. Earlier this year, it was revealed that although Sandy Pensler left the state of Michigan for New York City in the mid …

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45th Anniversary of Roe v Wade – It’s Still About Saving Lives of the Kids

As another generation moves into the assimilation of living in a world with Roe v. Wade, the battle over abortion continues.  But even as more and more public acceptance comes toward restrictions on abortion – the abolition of partial birth abortion, ending 3rd trimester abortion and 2nd trimester abortion…the ultimate …

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DetNews.com – Beckmann: Donald Trump is far from a joke

America’s most popular political parlor game these days seems to revolve around Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. There’s no shortage of commentators who have referred to his campaign as a “joke,” among other things, claiming he’s long on bluster but short on details. But as Trump’s popularity …

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