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BREAKING: OUCH! Brian Calley turns in nearly 50 sheets of signatures for a Democratic candidate for Congress and another Republican Senate candidate along with his own petitions

From the Detroit News – Friday, April 20th. I just can’t comprehend how this could get worse for Brian Calley.  Now, the Detroit News is reporting that within his 25,000 signatures that he turned in to run for Governor, is included nearly 50 sheets of signatures for  DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS …

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Michigan Dem Convention Taken Over by Progressive Wing

Sometimes you have to read between the lines.  Or rearrange the lines to see the real story.  That’s the case in Sunday’s  Detroit Free Press regarding the 2018 Michigan Democratic convention.  In short, there’s been a major shift in the Democratic Party…one that must not be ignored.  From the article, …

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